Re-engage your app’s users and drive conversions with Getloyal’s automated mobile app retargeting platform. Our unique technology, combined with in-depth user segmentation, ensures that your app provides top-of-mind awareness for valuable users

Our Clients

What Challenges
Retargeting Solves?



Reducing CPA

The price of targeted actions in retargeting is lower than in UA-campaigns allowing a decrease in ad expenses



Average Check Increase

Already trusted and loyal audience re-engagement



User LTV Increase

targeted actions frequency increase

Find Your Users
in All Sources!

Our Approach

Data analysis

Creating audience segments with Feedwise own system

Creatives with a personalized approach

Retargeting campaign launch

Feedwise – Your Partner in Mobile Marketing Success!

Supercharge your mobile app marketing with Feedwise, the leading automated retargeting system for mobile apps. With advanced technologies in data analysis and processing, Feedwise identifies the most valuable users and delivers the top offers to maximize conversions

We have the latest In-App Retargeting tool, which is built
on CPI/CPA proprietary platform:


Fast launch of advertising campaigns


Our tool combines the technology of RTB with the ecosystem of In-App


Detection of various types of fraud in the initial stages, which protects your traffic

Our benefits


Maximizing Conversions

Drive higher conversion rates with Feedwise. Engage users with targeted actions, optimize each interaction to maximize conversions


Cost Efficiency

Reduce your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and optimize budget spending. Feedwise ensures efficient resource allocation, delivering cost-effective results and higher returns on your mobile app marketing investment


Increased Revenue Potential

Unlock the full revenue potential of your mobile app with Feedwise. Increase Average Order Value (AOV) and maximize user Lifetime Value (LTV) using data-driven insights and strategies tailored to your app’s audience


Personalized Engagement

Enhance user satisfaction, loyalty, and app performance with personalized engagement. Feedwise enables you to deliver tailored experiences, driving user engagement, retention, and overall app success


Comprehensive Audience Reach

Reach users across all major traffic sources with Feedwise. Expand your app’s visibility and growth by targeting and engaging audiences from various channels, ensuring comprehensive audience reach

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